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Essayist, blogger, reviewer. Home cook, theatre-goer, science-lover. I write about food, theatre, books, & science, generally one at a time.

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Add a Little Elegance to Your Halloween Treats

Whether it's for a Halloween party or just a festive snack, here are some ways to get in the Halloween spirit without sacrificing tastiness or taste....

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Cold-Brew Coffee and Tea to Bring Out The Flavor

Cold-brewing your coffee and tea can add a lot to your morning cup....

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Turkey Leftover Recipes and More

Go beyond the turkey sandwiches. Here are some turkey leftover recipes and more that won't bore your palate to death....

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Wine-Poached Entrees

Wine works in savory dishes just as well as sweet, and poaching is a win on all fronts: even cooking, complex flavor, easy success, and delicious aromas wafting through your kitchen. Here are four delicious, savory recipes that put this method to work:...

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Houseplant Care During the Winter

Some houseplant care tips to keep your plants flourishing through the winter and into spring....

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Branch Out—it’s Olive Season!

Even if you can't enjoy a seasonal olive plucked fresh from the branch -- really, don't try this at home -- you can enjoy olives in their season, which happens to be the time of year when their rich, complex flavors feel most at home....

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Caring For Your Fabrics

Make sure you're caring of your fabrics with these tips so that they last and stay their best as long as possible....

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Roasted Vegetables for Fall

October 10, 2013 | Jaime Green, Contributor. Tags: Food trends, Seasonal. Share. Tweet. Email. Print. Autumn is a perfect storm for vegetables. Just as the fall's ......

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Scented Simmer Pots for Fall

This time of year, those delicious smells are all centered around the home and the kitchen -- making your home smell amazing helps recenter your life for the next few months in the warm, indoor spaces that will keep you cozy through the cold....

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Make Homemade Soup

Use the odds and ends in your refrigerator to make delicious homemade soup....