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Essayist, blogger, reviewer. Home cook, theatre-goer, science-lover. I write about food, theatre, books, & science, generally one at a time.

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The Awl

Understudies! How 'Spring Awakening' Changed the Business of ...

Spring Awakening was first produced off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theatre Company, an institution that has built its reputation on the in-your-face masculine hyp

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The Awl

How Are We To Listen To Contemporary Classical Music? - The Awl

Recently I went to Carnegie Hall for, I believe, the second time in my life, to see Gabriel Kahane and Orpheus Chamber Orchestra perform Gabriel's "Guide to the 48 States."

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The Awl

Embrace Your Prairie Looks And Make Some Applesauce | The Awl

When I was a sophomore in college I was an incredibly cool and awesome girl, so my two best friends and I did what cool and awesome kids do in college and spent

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The Awl

Meet Your Vegetables: Asparagus Is Here! | The Awl

I texted my sister: I'm realizing I need to invest in a food processor with a shredder wheel. This is pioneer cooking kugel, and she replied, hahah well it will

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The Awl

The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

This fall I found myself in a little Sunday night advice ritual. I would leave something half-finished in the kitchen, and then go sit down on the living room couch with my laptop and go to Facebook.

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The Awl

Meet Your Vegetables: The Farmers Market in Winter | The Awl

By this time of year, the Inwood farmers market is a slim affair. Never particularly expansive even in the summer, the shoppers and sellers have dwindled. The

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The Awl

Bacon, Cream And Other Secrets Of Enjoying Late Fall Vegetables ...

We hear a lot about eating seasonally. I bet Maira Kalman's illustrating a Michael Pollan rule about it RIGHT NOW. In fact, I bet she already did. And I love ea

Open uri20121215 28714 8dmnhn article
The Awl

Meet Your Vegetables: Grapes and Things That Taste Like ... - The Awl

When I was a freshman in college, a friend of mine wrote a play for her senior thesis, a play about, I think, Samuel Coleridge and his sister and another poet.

Open uri20121215 28714 1h0tuge article
The Awl

Meet Your Vegetables: Radish Chips | The Awl

I have a baking sheet of radishes in the oven, hopefully transmogrifying from little red-ringed slices of a vegetable I don't particularly love into rich, crisp